Saturday, August 18, 2012

Two have flown the COOP!!!!

Starting tomorrow I will only have one left in the proverbial 'nest'.  Somehow time seems to have slipped by and let my children grow into adults and leave (okay...they have left, but the whole 'adult' thing is debatable!!).  I'm not really sure I am ready for them to leave, but at this point I really don't have an option.  As a mother I tend to feel as though a huge part of my life is 'mothering'.  I fear for my youngest because he is going to take on the load of mothering that I have to give.  I've already volunteered to be a team mom for the freshman football team, and he kindly reminded me to learn to 'say no'.  In all honestly, I'm hoping that one of the benefits to mothering one child at home will be allowing myself for more ME TIME!!!!  I know that I won't have anyone at home waiting for me to pick them up from school, or waiting for me to get home from work.  No demands to be make dinner, drive here and there....the time is MINE...ALL MINE!!!!

Here are a few of my 'plans' I will weave into my spare time to strengthen my sense of SELF!!!
  • Exercise 5x a week
  • Find a craft on Pinterest and CRAFT!!! (Once a month???)
  • Blog! 
  • Try a new recipe once a month
  • Go out with friends once a month!!
  • Ditch nap-time
Doable??  I do believe!!  Believing that I can is obviously going to be the first step to success!!!   Of course, it will also be crucial for me to overcome my SERIOUS obsession with taking a nap in the afternoon.  Naps are my 'guilty pleasure' (and maybe some Christian Grey....) Nothing like a few good zzzzz's to get me going for the rest of the evening!!!

What do you do to preserve or strengthen your sense of self? How do you stick to goals or plans that you set for yourself?? 

A New Beginning....

First and foremost, let's get one thing straight, I am NOT organized, and I typically fly by the seat of my pants.  My blogging may be sporadic at best, until I develop some type of routine (not likely!).  With that said, I am always balancing or juggling some element in my life.  Would I like things to change? Not really.  I love being a working mother, I love being a wife who makes dinner every night (just about), and I'm relatively satisfied with who I am as a person.  I've wanted to start creating an intriguing blog for about a year now, and I'm on my second attempt at that (okay....maybe 3rd...).  For some reason I lack the dedication and commitment to daily blogging.  So, now to develop a new perspective!!  Just post when I can....don't let others intimidate....and ENJOY!!! Honestly, isn't that the most important reason to blog? Loving to write, and writing about what I love?  I think so!!!!  

Off into my new blogging journey....welcome to my ride, and rest WILL BE a bumpy one!!!!